About Us

Party Palette is a Paint and Sip business that was born in July, 2013.
We are located in the heart of Huntsville, TX, and we strive to build good relationships with the people of Huntsville by offering more than a traditional Paint-and-Sip.

Whatever the needs of our community, we try to fill them: art lessons, venue rental, children’s parties, a place to restore or refinish furniture, wreath making, pumpkin carving, studio space available to people who need it, and art supplies that cater to the university student population and professional artists alike.

Wait, wait, wait… what is a paint and sip, you say? Well, we’re glad you asked! It’s pretty simple, you see: you bring your bottle of choice (the “sip”), and and we provide the paints, canvas, and everything else you need to complete a painting, including a professional artist instructor (the “paint”). Throw in a few friends, and you have a night out that you won’t soon forget, with a masterpiece of memories to hang on your wall!

This is a hobby business. We have full time regular jobs, but we live in the community and wanted to bring this type of fun activity here! We are only doing private parties because there was not enough volume to be open every night. We know that this removes the option for spontaneous painting nights and we will bring back a regular schedule if there is enough interest.

Please call us any time at 936-661-8025. Even if we’re not sitting in the office, we’ll still try to pick up the phone. It’s a cell phone, after all =). We have had some voice mail issues so if you can’t get us on the phone, send us a message on Facebook!

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