Here are all the gory details of how the money stuff works here at Party Palette. Our prices are lower than the competition in surrounding cities because we do this to bring it to Huntsville, not to get rich (also, our rent is pretty reasonable which helps a lot).

Here at Party Palette, we specialize in private parties! The pricing starts at $210 for up to 6 people. It is $35 per person to add more people to the party.

An accurate headcount is critical and parties will be billed for the number of people quoted regardless of attendance. We set the room and prepare the supplies based on the headcount and the time and materials to do so are why we bill based on the number quoted. It is not too hard to add a couple people, but it costs us quite a bit of money when people no-show.

Examples: If a party of 6 is booked and only 4 people show up to the event, the cost is still $210. If a party of 6 is booked and 7 show up for the event, the cost is $245.
If a party of 10 is booked the cost will be $350, even if only 8 show up, and $420 if 12 people make it to the party.

IMPORTANT!***********The person who books the party is responsible for the costs.**************

Cancellations need to be made 5 days before the event and there is no charge for a cancellation. However, if the event is cancelled less than five days before the event the client will be billed for 20% of the cost of the event per day past the deadline. Example: A party of 6 ($210) is booked for Saturday and it is cancelled on Monday=no charge. A party of 6 ($210) is Booked for Saturday and cancelled on Wednesday, 2 days past the deadline= 2 days at 20% per day is a 40% cancellation fee of $84 (40% X $210 = $84).

Offsite parties and special arrangements available to suite your needs, just call to let us know how we can help your occasion be great!

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