Other Events

Graduation Time!! Decorate your caps!
Come to Party Palette to decorate your graduation cap! $10/each for all the decorations you can fit on your graduation cap, plus TONS of fun!

We have a seasonal wreath making party. Every season, sign up and join in the fun and satisfaction of making your own wreath. Cost includes wreath making supplies.

Art Lessons!
So, maybe you want to learn more than just how to paint the painting of the evening? Art lessons are available through Party Palette. Starting at $18/hr for the first person, and $6/hr for each additional person, a group lesson becomes very affordable. Whether you want to learn drawing, color theory, or painting, we can meet your art lesson needs.

Artist Collaboration!
An artist who doesn’t pursue growth, stagnates. If you are interested in meeting with other artists to work side by side, enjoy collaboration or discussion, or just have a drink, contact us to learn more about when our next meet-up is.

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